Pigon Paintings

Welcome, I am a portrait painter with a second passion as a painter of Florida realism. Please contact me at bpigon@bellsouth.net with inquiries about any of these works or if interested in commissioning a piece.  Click the links below and to the left to see larger views and additional works.   - Brett Pigon

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Florida  Landscapes (click) 

OnWalkabout.jpg (453538 bytes) Red Fairlane.jpg (351378 bytes)    2_brett_pigon_what's_up_dock.JPG (804546 bytes) 

Grant, FL (click)

Grant Station.jpg (711036 bytes) larry and cocoanut fairgrounds.jpg (436375 bytes)     GrantHouse Rear.jpg (415938 bytes)

 Landscapes Anywhere (click)

thousandoaks.jpg (437430 bytes) GloryGoatwKid.jpg (1378661 bytes)     MaineGlory.jpg (248562 bytes)

Equine (click)

BigBlondHorse.jpg (235485 bytes) RedHorseGrazing_s.jpg (272268 bytes)     VenusdeSilo_s.jpg (281069 bytes)

Portraits (click)

Girl in Satin3.jpg (199047 bytes) Danielle_final_.jpg (620941 bytes) Tiffany in Red.jpg (1416901 bytes)            
Decorative (click) Iris3s.jpg (253022 bytes) Morning Lilies.jpg (147538 bytes)     OrangeFlowers_s.jpg (60719 bytes)
Figurative (click) 1_brett_pigon_adventuring.JPG (1992210 bytes) CathysGirl.jpg (215420 bytes) VenusAdmirer.jpg (711044 bytes)      

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